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Moving Day

Get up early and have a good breakfast. Fold all blankets, sheets and pillows and place into bedding bags. Label keys to locked furniture.
Then please leave the experts to get on with the job.
Do not fuss or interfere. They are used to doing this kind of work every day and know just what to do. All that they ask is that you leave them free to get on with their work and if possible, they would appreciate an occasional cup of tea or coffee.
Moving in is a much brisker business than moving out. On arrival at your new home, station one member of the family at the entrance door. As each piece of furniture comes out of the van, he or she will be able to instruct the men exactly where it should be taken. When the removal is finished the foreman will ask you to check that the lorry is empty. If you would like any furniture to be re-arranged please don't hesitate to ask the men to do it before they leave. Removal men are experts in a laborious and singularly unrewarding craft. They will help in any way possible.
Rudge Removals have been in the removal business for over forty years in East London. The Seven Kings office has been in operation since 1969.
We have a number of lorries of varying sizes to suit your needs and we do a part-load service throughout the country which enables you to send small loads and single items anywhere at a very reasonable price.

We will be pleased to receive any suggestions you may have which can improve our service to you in the future.
If you do have a complaint, tell us about it at once so that the matter can be rectified, but we are sure that your removal will be smooth and trouble-free.

Abbey Rudge removals - Family Business - Established 60 Years
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